Frequently Asked Questions

What haulers do you work with?

We work with all haulers throughout the State of Florida and can keep you with your current hauler if you prefer.

What if I'm still under contract with my current hauler?

We will add you under the Choice Waste Umbrella Portfolio and manage your account at no charge until we are able to leverage our position to negotiate a lower rate on your behalf. Our management provides a lot of perks like invoice monitoring and 7 day a week personal account management.

Are there any hidden fees?

Our agreements are customer friendly, and the rates will not fluctuate unless specified and agreed to. We do not charge convenience or admin fees. What you see is what you get!

What if I'm not happy with a particular hauler?

That's the beauty of what we offer! You're no longer contracted to a specific hauler and we can make changes at any time if you're not happy.

Why can't I negotiate the rates for myself?

You certainly could, but that takes your focus away from your core business. We're experts in our field with 1000s of accounts, which enables us to obtain volume leveraged pricing that is impractical to obtain for a single account. We utilize the power of scale!