• What garbage company do you work for?We work with a consulting group of companies. We contract all the haulers and can use the hauler that you prefer.
  • What other benefits does your company offer?We save you money across-the-board from simplified billing, delivery charges, and extra pickups to bulk services, can exchanges, industrial hauling and even recycling and electronic waste removal.
  • Do I need to do anything after I sign up with you?We will handle the transition process on our end and you will no longer have to correspond with your current hauler.
  • What if I'm not happy with a particular hauler?That's the beauty of what we offer! You're no longer contracted to a specific hauler. We can make changes at any time if you're not happy. Can you do that with your current company?
  • What if I'm under contract?We will add you under the Choice Umbrella Portfolio and manage your account at no charge until we're able to leverage our position and negotiate the lower rate on your behalf.
  • Are there any hidden charges?Absolutely not. Our agreements are customer friendly and the rates will not fluctuate unless specified and agreed to. We do not charge convenience fees. What you see is what you get!
  • Why can't I negotiate for myself?You certainly could, but that takes your focus away from your core business. We're experts in our field with 100s of accounts, which enables us to obtain volume leveraged pricing that is impractical to obtain for a single account. We utilize the power of scale!
  • If I have a question, who will I be speaking with?At Choice Waste Of Florida, we value real human interaction. That being said, you will never talk to a robot or an external representative. Someone from within the company will work with you directly.