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Choice Waste Of Florida will communicate with you and your preferred waste removal company to:

  • Guarantee fair pricing
  • Schedule pickup and drop-off dates
  • Discuss the logistics of your project

Don't let the hassle of hiring a dumpster rental company get you down. We'll streamline the process for your peace of mind. Contact us to get started.

Our Options

Our reference man, Mr. Choice, is 6′ tall so you can gain an understanding of how large the containers are. Sizes are general references as exact container size may be off a few inches/feet in any direction based on the manufacturer.

Dimensions: 3.5×7.5×14 ft

The smallest open top container size available, 10-yards are typically used by small offices or construction sites.

Dimensions: 4.5×7.5×22 ft

Similar to the 10-yard open top container, this size is most often used by small office buildings or for small remodel projects.

Dimensions: 6×7.5×22 ft

This is the most common open top size and is often used for either construction debris trash or recycling.

Dimensions: 8×7.5×22 ft

This container is very tall, so it is used only if the size is necessary or if the business is throwing waste off a dock directly into the container.